SEB Productions is founded by two best friends with a love for creativity and story telling...


Shooting videos for small businesses, organizations, events, etc. Up your social media and promotional content with creative, professional videos.


Professional landscape, portrait, event, sports, and product photography. Capture a moment or idea with our innovative and experienced photography. 


Help your business grow with eye-catching visuals and videos, along with statistical analyzation that attracts customers and gets more interaction with every campaign and post. 


Graphic design and experience in creating promotional products such as catalogues, hats, shirts, brochures, billboards, etc. Proper knowledge in statistics also allows us to create your desired reach and frequency levels to keep current customers or get more customers in the door. 


Videographer+Photographer+Graphic Designer

Shelby Bachnik

Shelby is set to graduate from USF Tampa's Zimmerman College of Mass Communications in 2020, with a specialization in PR and Advertising. Raised in St. Petersburg FL, Shelby was raised on the pristine waters of Tampa Bay. 


When she's not on the water, hiking, or adventuring, she's shooting pictures and exploring her creative spirit through the lens of a camera or behind a photoshop project.


Currently, Shelby is the recipient of the Zimmerman Advertising Scholarship, and holds two internships with the USF Football Creative Team and KnoBull Communications. 

Shelby has a true passion for capturing moments on film, and making content that is thought provoking and popular. 

Shelby has a love for nature, fishing, sports, music, and the outdoors, and loves working for companies and people that can allow her to incorporate her passions into her daily job. 

Passionate, hardworking and experienced, Shelby has had the opportunity to set her self aside from the rest by working with companies that range from ice cream shops to fishing lure companies.


Click on Shelby's Resume to see more about her experience, qualifications and know-how.  



Ann martin

Ann Martin is a Statistics Major at USF set to graduate in 2021. Ann grew up in St. Petersburg FL with a love for the beach and outdoor life. She expresses her creative spirit through painting, photography, drawing and design.

Ann graduated from the rigorous IB program at St. Petersburg Highschool, taking the hardest mathematical courses offered and acing them.

Excelling in math, Ann has taken her expertise to social media, analyzing statistics and information behind posts for SEB Productions. Along with this, Ann is a skilled photographer. 

Ann loves to help people, and has a hand at helping small businesses grow by lending a hand at understanding the metrics behind Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.


She is SEB Production's go-to-girl for finding out the success and data behind social media and advertising campaigns. 

When she's not crunching numbers, she especially loves to shoot photos and videos at events along with her best friend Shelby, capturing moments and letting her creative spirit fly.


Loving to be around people, getting out and having fun with her job is something she greatly excels at. 

Ann is always the girl to depend on, get things done and do it right!

Click on Ann's resume to learn more about her work. 

Accepting the 2019 Jury Award at CMF and Silver Tripod Award for Best Documentary. 

Interning at USF Football as a part of the creative team on and off the field. 

Accepting the 2019 Zimmerman Advertising Endowed Scholarship at the USF School of Mass Communications. 

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